How to Choose Us

If you're already in
the Medicaid program:

Once you are enrolled in KanCare, you will be able to change your plan one time per year.

You will get information from the state telling you when you can make this change.

If you want to switch to Amerigroup, you can either:

If you’re applying for the first time:

Fill out an application

  • Online application: Visit the KanCare customer self-service portal
  • Paper application:
  • In the space where it asks you if you prefer a specific health plan, write or type Amerigroup.

    If you completed a paper application,
    fax it to the state.

    Families and children: fax to 1-800-498-1255.
    Elderly and persons with disabilities: fax to 1-844-264-6285.

    Questions? Call the KanCare Clearinghouse at 1-800-792-4884
    (TTY 1-800-792-4292).