Plans & Benefits: Mental Health and Substance Use Services

As an Amerigroup member, you get behavioral health services. Behavioral health services include mental health and substance use treatment services.

Benefits Overview

There are no copays for any covered medical services. For a complete list of benefits, see your member handbook.

Benefits Overview

How to access mental health and substance use services

We want to help you get the care you need. You can get information about how to access mental health and substance use services by calling Member Services at 1-844-227-8350 (TTY 711).

We can help you:

  • Find a provider
  • Find out more about the services covered
  • Learn who can receive mental health and substance use services
  • Find out who is eligible for specialized services for children

For a full list of covered services, see the member handbook.

You can also use our online search tool to find a provider in the Amerigroup network. Your provider will help you get the care and services you need.

Here are some of the types of providers you may see and services you may be eligible for:

  • Psychiatrist
  • Licensed Mental Health Professional (LMHP); a LMHP is a provider who works with members who have behavioral health concerns. This can include:
    • Medical psychologists
    • Licensed psychologists
    • Licensed Clinical Social Workers
    • Licensed Professional Counselors
    • Licensed Marriage and Family therapists
    • Licensed Addition Counselors
    • Advance practice registered nurses in the behavioral health field
  • Mental Health rehabilitation services
  • Psychiatric residential treatment
  • Inpatient hospitalization
  • Outpatient and residential substance use treatment
  • Screening and referral for children’s coordinated system of care services
  • Permanent supportive housing
Coordinated System of Care

The Coordinated System of Care (CSoC) program can help eligible youth and their families get the services they need to return or stay at home. A Coordinated System of Care helps young people experiencing significant behavioral health challenges receive the services needed.

Amerigroup screens children to decide if they need these services. If your child meets one of the three criteria listed below then we will refer you to the CSOC program managed by Magellan.

  • Has your child done things that put him or her in danger?
  • Run away from home?
  • Done reckless things like riding on top of a car?
  • Has your child ever threatened to hurt someone?
  • Been in fights at school or home?
  • Ever seriously hurt someone else?
  • Does your child break school rules or been in trouble with the law?

The system of care helps families and children:

  • Have a stronger voice in their care
  • Become a partner in the treatment process
  • Return or stay at home

Services available through the Coordinated System of Care include:

  • A care plan for members
  • Support and training for youth, parents and caregivers
  • Respite care
  • Crisis support

If you or your child is eligible for the services, it’s your choice to be in the program.

To find out about eligibility for Coordinated System of Care services, call Member Services at 1-844-227-8350 (TTY 711). We can help arrange a screening.

If you’re enrolled in the program, Magellan Health Services will help you get services. If you need help getting services, call Magellan directly at 1-800-424-4489 (TTY 1-800-424-4416)

Behavioral Health Resources

For more information on behavioral health education, resources and local support groups, call or visit these organizations:

If you have a gambling problem, you can contact a Louisiana Department of Health (LDH) Office of Behavioral Health near you. You get the services you need at no cost to you.

Important Phone Numbers:

If you’re having an emergency, you should call 911 or go to the nearest hospital.

Call our 24-hour Behavioral Health Crisis Line for help at
1-844-227-8350 if you or a family member are having a mental health or substance use crisis. The following are some signs that a person may be having a mental health or a substance use crisis:

  • Trouble coping with daily problems and activities
  • Hurting yourself or someone else
  • Extreme mood swings
  • Threatening or aggressive behavior
  • Seeing or hearing things that are not there

Call the Behavioral Health Warm Line at 1-800-730-8375 to talk to someone who knows what you’re going through. The Warm Line is available every day from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.

The Behavioral Health Warm Line is a peer support phone service that lets you talk to people who have experienced similar behavioral health issues or gone through a similar situation. You can call the Warm Line when you are feeling down or need help dealing with a stressful time.

Get rides to your appointments:

Members* can get rides to all mental health and substance use treatment services.

Call Southeastrans toll free at 1-866-430-1101 to get a ride. For information about your ride after you set it up, call 1-866-430-1101 and press option 2.

Please call at least 48 hours before your visit.

If you have an emergency and need transportation, call 911.

*Members living in residential facilities for behavioral health services may not be eligible for transportation services through Amerigroup. Please check with your facility for more information.

Pharmacy & Prescription Drugs

Pharmacy & Prescription Drugs

Members who only receive behavioral health services through Amerigroup will receive their pharmacy benefits through Louisiana Medicaid Pharmacy Fee For Service Program. Members with questions can call 1-800-437-9101 for more information.

If providers have any questions they can call the Point of Sale (POS) Help Desk at 1-800-648-0790.

Members with Medicare Part D Drug coverage will still have their medications reimbursed through their Part D plan.

When You Need a Referral or Authorization

Referrals and Authorizations