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  • Primary Care Provider (PCP)

    Primary Care Provider

    A family doctor who gives regular checkups, cares for you when you’re sick and refers you to other doctors.

  • Specialist


    A doctor who only gives medical care for one area of the body and might do surgery, too.

  • Hospital


    A place where sick or hurt people get emergency care, have surgery or get nurse care for one day, or stay for more than a day.

  • Facility


    Any place you can get health care that isn’t a doctor’s office, like a hospital or clinic.

  • Behavioral Health

    Behavioral Health Provider

    People who understand and help with mental health or problems with drugs or alcohol.

    Substance Abuse

    Use of alcohol or drugs in ways that can hurt you or someone else.

  • Laboratory


    A place that looks at and tests samples from the body, like blood or cells.

  • Pharmacy


    A place where you get your prescription medicine.

  • Dentist


    A doctor who cares for and fixes your teeth and gums, takes out teeth, or gives you artificial teeth.

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Pharmacy benefits in Texas are provided through Express Scripts.

Find a pharmacy:
Express Scripts Pharmacy Locator Tool

Amerigroup Member Services
Medicaid & CHIP Members:
1-800-600-4441 (TTY 711)
Medicare Members:
1-866-805-4589 (TTY 711)

Helpdesk (pharmacies only)
Medicaid: 1-844-367-6115
Medicare: 1-800-281-8172

Dentist (Medicare Advantage)

For Medicare members:
DentaQuest provides dental benefits for Medicare Amerivantage plans:
(TTY: 711)


Call Superior Vision of Texas 1-800-428-8789 to find an eye doctor near you.

Note: Chip Perinate and Medicare members do not have vision benefits.