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Kurbo Health

Eat Better, Feel Better together with Kurbo Coaching

Amerigroup District of Columbia, Inc. has partnered with Kurbo to provide health coaching to kids and teens free of charge. Kurbo is a highly successful, fun, easy-to-use mobile and online weight management program licensed from Stanford Children’s Hospital that helps youth ages 12-21 eat healthier, exercise more and lose weight.

Let’s be active together!

The 12-week Kurbo program includes:
• Personal coaching: weekly 15-minute one on one sessions with an expert health coach via Skype, Facetime, email or text
• Traffic light food system: a green, yellow, red approach to food that helps kids and their families make better food choices
• Mobile app: a tool for tracking food and exercise and for playing games that reinforce healthy choices

Amerigroup members ages 12-21 can participate in the Kurbo program for free.

For more information, visit Kurbo.com/AmerigroupDC or call 1.800.444.7158

You can find the app here.