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Are you a caregiver or advocate for children, youth or young adults currently or formerly in foster care, getting adoption assistance, or in the juvenile justice system? If you have a role in the care of these children and youth, this is your online resource for all the educational tools, assessments, news and events you need to stay informed.

Information for General Stakeholders

General Stakeholders • Caretakers • Juvenile Court & Law enforcement
State Agency Partners • Placement/Community Providers

For General Stakeholders

Transitioning Member to
Amerigroup Managed Care

Useful Websites

National Call-in Parent Support Group - for parents who have a mental health condition
Foster Care Transition Toolkit - U.S. Department of Education

Creating an LGBT-Friendly Practice Training
National Youth Move – Transition Age Youth Resource
Resiliency Guide for Youth and Caregivers
National Child Traumatic Stress Network – Training Resources
Transitioning from Pediatric to Adult Care Work Book

The Amerigroup Managed Care
Office of the Ombudsman

The Amerigroup Managed Care Office of the Ombudsman helps solve problems from a neutral view to ensure our members get all medically necessary covered services. The Ombudsman provides a voice to speak and act on behalf of members in foster care. They make sure the member’s voice is heard.

Email: Georgia Families 360° Ombudsman Mailbox

Georgia Department of Health:

Foster Care & Adoption Assistance


Your child’s health is important to us. Now that your child is in the Georgia Families 360°sm program, we’d like to find out more about your child’s health. This will help us develop the best plan to meet your child’s health needs.

Please take a few minutes to complete the Initial Health Risk Screening form. Answer all the questions as best you can. When you’ve completed the form, save and email it back to Amerigroup at You can attach documents to your email if you like.

If you have more than one child in the Georgia Families 360°sm program, you should complete this
form for your other child. You don’t need to include the Amerigroup ID number on the form if you don’t know it.

Contact Information

If you have questions about the Georgia Families 360°sm program, call 1-855-661-2021 (TTY 711) or email us at

If you have legal guardianship or can accurately complete the identified privacy security questions, you can call the Georgia Families 360°sm Member Intake Line toll free 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 1-855-661-2021 to talk to a Georgia Families 360°sm Member Intake Line representative.

If you are not authorized to answer the identified privacy security questions, you will need to contact the member’s case manager or legal guardian to make any changes to their record

Amerigroup & Georgia Families 360

In 2014, the Georgia Department of Community Health transitioned children, youth and young adults in foster care, children and youth getting adoption assistance, and select youth in the juvenile justice system to a single statewide Care Management Organization (CMO). Amerigroup is the designated statewide CMO entrusted with coordinating the care of these children and youth. We are dedicated to making sure our members get the services and support they need to improve their health and quality of life.

Meeting goals with consistency and innovation

We work hard every day to help achieve the goals of the Georgia Families 360°sm program:

  • Improved access to health care, particularly for physical and behavioral health services
  • Increased continuity of care, including transitions in and out of foster care; and
  • Enhanced health outcomes, providing additional care coordination and improved physical and behavioral health oversight