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American Indians and Alaska Natives

Working together for healthy communities

Your priorities are our priority

We know there are many ways to get and stay healthy. So we’re finding ways to get you what you need. With Amerigroup, you can continue to get your health care from tribal and urban Indian health programs and we’ll pay for them.

We’re the first health plan in Washington State to honor traditional healing benefits for American Indians and Alaska Natives, including:

  • Smudging
  • Sweat lodge
  • Acupuncture
  • Spiritual healing circle and storytelling
  • Naturopathic or traditional medicine
  • Plus, all Amerigroup benefits! View all benefits

Making it easy to get care

Everyone needs a doctor to turn to when they’re sick. Once you find a doctor or clinic close to home, schedule your new-patient appointment.

Online Resources — Many pathways to health

We know being healthy is about more than just doctor visits. Here are some online tools and resources that can help you find care and support that’s right for you.

Staying active in your community

Health news

Got questions?

Contact our community tribal relations team at 509-405-5324 or vickie.lafromboise@amerigroup.com.

If you don’t qualify for Apple Health (Medicaid) benefits, you may be able to get insured through your job, a family member or through the Washington Health Plan Finder.