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DMCCU stands for Disease Management Centralized Care Unit (DMCCU).

How to participate

Call 1-888-830-4300 (TTY: 711) toll free. You will be asked some questions about your health to help get you started. You can also enroll online in one of our programs by emailing us your request.


Disease Management Monthly Highlight


Asthma is a lung disease that affects people of all ages. People who have asthma have trouble with their airways, which can make it hard to breathe. When you have asthma, there are things that can cause you to have an attack. These are called “triggers.” Some common triggers are:

  • Smoke from cigarettes or wildfires
  • Perfumes or other fragrances
  • Dust
  • Air pollution
  • Pets
  • Cockroaches

Some people have asthma attacks when they exercise. Others have allergies that can trigger an attack. Talk to your primary care provider (PCP). With medication, a healthy lifestyle and the help of your PCP, most people with asthma can live a normal, active life.

Want more help taking control of your asthma? Call us at 1-888-830-4300 (TTY 711) from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. local time to find out if our Disease Management program is right for you.