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Pharmacy & prescription drugs

We work with CarelonRx to get you the medicines you need. We cover a wide range of prescriptions and many over-the-counter medicines.

Use our search tool to find a pharmacy near you.

Find a Pharmacy

Preferred Drug List

We have a list of commonly prescribed drugs your doctor can choose from. It’s called a Preferred Drug List (PDL). Prescription and certain over-the-counter medicines are covered. Your doctor may need to get preapproval for some drugs to be filled. Your request should include why the drug is needed and how much is needed. Requests for brand-name drugs when generics are available also need preapproval.

Searchable formulary

Search for brand-name and generic drugs that are on your medication list.

Search for your drug by:

  • Typing the name (at least first three letters) of the drug in the search box
  • Using the A-Z list to search by the first letter of your drug
  • Clicking on therapeutic class of the drug

Planning for Healthy Babies*: Family Planning Searchable Formulary
Planning for Healthy Babies*: Inter-Pregnancy Care Searchable Formulary

If you need a drug that isn’t listed on our formulary, you or someone you choose to act for you can request a formulary exception. Just email submitmyexceptionreq@amerigroup.com.

Have your prescriptions filled easily

Your doctor can call in the prescription to the pharmacy. Or, you can bring the prescription from your doctor to a pharmacy in your plan. You’ll need to show the pharmacy your Amerigroup ID card and your Medicaid or PeachCare for Kids® ID card to get your prescription. Try to use the same pharmacy each time so your pharmacist will know about problems that may occur when you’re taking more than one prescription. If you use another pharmacy, tell the pharmacist about any medicines you’re taking.

Have your medicines mailed to you

You can save time by having many of your prescription drugs shipped directly to your home through CarelonRx home delivery. To set up home delivery, call 833-205-6006, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Once you have set up home delivery, you can use your secure account to:

  • Order refills.
  • Track your shipments.
  • Receive notifications about your prescriptions.
Log into your secure account

Family planning members do not have access to home delivery.

Medications straight to your doorstep

With the ZipDrug pharmacy program, you’ll get customized care at no extra cost. ZipDrug will connect you with a participating local pharmacy. The pharmacy will package your medications by time and day to help you understand what to take and when. They’ll also schedule free hand-delivery. You may even qualify for one-on-one support from the local pharmacy. They’ll create a personalized care plan to help manage your medications and health conditions.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Call to enroll at 844-947-3784, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Eastern time.
  2. Your prescriptions will be transferred by your participating local pharmacy. They’ll package your medications by time and day and set up refills so they’re on the same schedule.
  3. Receive your prescriptions by scheduled hand-delivery, at no extra cost. When your prescriptions are ready, the pharmacy will call you to schedule delivery for a day and time that’s most convenient.

Helping you manage all the moving pieces

Our new Medication Synchronization program (Med Sync)* makes getting all your medicines easier — at no extra cost to you.

Med Sync helps align your refill schedules so you can pick up most of your medicines on just one day each month.

Our Med Sync program can help you:

  • Cut down on trips to the pharmacy
  • Make sure you have your medicines when you need them
  • Work with your pharmacist so you can stick to a medicine routine

Get started with Med Sync today! Talk to your pharmacist about coordinating your prescriptions to get started.

Have more questions about Med Sync? Call 1-800-600-4441 (TTY 711).

Family planning members do not have access to Med Sync.

*Georgia Families 360°℠ members do not have access to Med Sync.

Your costs

Interpregnancy care members have a copay on all medications not covered under the family planning benefit.

Prescription cost Your copay*
Less than $10.01 $0.50
$10.01-$25.00 $1.00
$25.01-$50.00 $2.00
$50.01 or more $3.00

Family planning members do not have a copay for covered medications.

*Georgia Families 360°℠ members do not have a copay.

Get your specialty medications

If you have a specialty condition, you’re covered. We partner with CarelonRx Specialty Pharmacy and TwelveStone Pharmacy to meet all your specialty medication needs.

Learn more about specialty pharmacy

Family planning members do not have coverage for specialty maintenance medications.


Your provider can email and ask us for an exception.

Common over-the-counter (OTC) medicines

Lock-In Pharmacy Change Request Form

Prescription Drug Reimbursement Forms

Mosquito repellent is now available as a Medicaid benefit.

Get more information below.

What pharmacies work with Amerigroup?

For a list of pharmacies that work with your plan, look in your provider directory. Or call Pharmacy Member Services at 1-833-205-6006 (TTY 711) or ask your local pharmacy for help.

Are over-the-counter (OTC) products covered? Do I need a prescription?

We cover many OTC products, like:

  • Pain relievers
  • Antacids
  • Contraceptives
  • Some vitamins

All OTC products need a written prescription from your doctor and can be filled at any pharmacy in your plan.

How does my doctor request preapproval?

Your doctor can ask for preapproval on medicines by calling the Pharmacy department at 1-800-454-3730.

What if a copay is needed and I can’t pay it?

If you don’t have the copay for your medicine, your pharmacy should still give you the medicine. If the pharmacy lets you take the medicine without paying the copay, you’ll have to pay it at a later time.

What happens if my medicines are lost or stolen?

If your medicines are lost or stolen, call your doctor to approve the pharmacy to refill your prescription early. The pharmacy may have to call us for preapproval. Replacement of lost or stolen medicines will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

What if I paid out of pocket for a medicine and want to be paid back?

If you paid for a medicine, ask your provider for a refund. Your provider will send us a claim.