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Building healthy habits

Your body is with you at every step of the recovery process. Taking care of your body can help you find the energy you need for recovery. Healthy habits can also help you manage the side effects of certain medications. These Learning Tracks can help you treat it with care. To view this content, you'll need to log in.

Learning Track topics include:

Exercise and Recovery

Learn about the benefits of exercise, how to incorporate exercise into your life, and how to keep track of how exercise is helping.

Start Exercise and Recovery

Sleep Health

Learn how to cultivate healthy sleep habits.

Start Sleep Health

Healthy Eating

Learn about healthy eating options, hear from others on how they have been able to change their eating, and find your solution for living a healthier lifestyle.

Start Healthy Eating

Losing Weight

Learn about the benefits of losing weight, get tips on weight loss, and learn how to keep track of weight loss goals.

Start Losing Weight

Quitting Tobacco

Learn about the benefits of quitting tobacco, tips, and how to keep track of your progress.

Start Quitting Tobacco

Tending to Health Screenings

Learn about the importance of keeping up with medical health checks. You will also use tips and tools that will help you make the commitment to attend your doctor appointment(s).

Start Tending to Health Screenings

Amerigroup District of Columbia, Inc. contracts with Pat Deegan and CommonGround, a separate company, to provide this program to members.

Learn more about Pat Deegan’s work in behavioral health at www.commongroundprogram.com